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BPM-Glass Straight-line Edging Machine
BPY-Glass Straight-line Beveling Machine
BPM-Glass Straight-line and Beveling Machine
BPX- Glass Complicated Shape Edge Grinder
BPI-Glass Inner and Outer circles Edging Mchine
BPM-Glass straight-line many chamfers edging machine
BPQ-Glass straight line round edge and duck-mouth edge machine
BZSQ-Glass Straight-line Double-Edging Machine
BPJ-Glass Straight-line Wave Beveling Machine
BPO-Glass Drilling Machine
TBR-Glass Bending Furnace
SPJ-Automatic Glass Sanding Machine
PEL-Glass Washing Machine
BDJ-Glass sucker hanging bracket
SPT-Automatic Glass Loading table
TBS-Tamglass Horizontal Flat Tempering Furnace
Glass Cutting Machine
Glass multi-purpose cutting table
Production equipment of sandwich glass
Production line of the empty glass in automatic
EVA-Glass Insulated Machine
BZSM- Glass Straight-line Double-Edging Machine
Chamfering machine
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   Shunde Lingzhi Glass Machinery Factory is specializing in manufacturing glass processing machines.since its establishment in 1981,the company has been engaging in the design and manufacture of machines and equipment.It has research,the many excellent technicians and anagers,according to their have gotten rich experience ofmachine manufacturing the company has made a lot of reliadl and high precisi- on glass processing machine,such as Tamglass FumaceStraight-line Gri-nding Machine、Str-aight-line Beveling Machine、Complicated Shape Edge Grinder、cutting Table、Edging Machine、Drilling MachineHeat Bending Fumace、Washing and Drying Machine、Sand Blasting Machingand so on,they have complete varieties and models, which can provide different needs in different level and perfect service afer sale.
   High quality、low price、wide field is the company's running aim.
   For good、for real、for new is the company's developing object.
   Lingzhi people will cooperate with clients both at home and
abroad, advance, Hand in hand, and create glorious milestone in the
glass processing field. 
   Our company has already passed ISO9001 " 2000 quality management system authentication "

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