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BPM-Glass Straight-line Edging Machine
BPY-Glass Straight-line Beveling Machine
BPM-Glass Straight-line and Beveling Machine
BPX- Glass Complicated Shape Edge Grinder
BPI-Glass Inner and Outer circles Edging Mchine
BPM-Glass straight-line many chamfers edging machine
BPQ-Glass straight line round edge and duck-mouth edge machine
BZSQ-Glass Straight-line Double-Edging Machine
BPJ-Glass Straight-line Wave Beveling Machine
BPO-Glass Drilling Machine
TBR-Glass Bending Furnace
SPJ-Automatic Glass Sanding Machine
PEL-Glass Washing Machine
BDJ-Glass sucker hanging bracket
SPT-Automatic Glass Loading table
TBS-Tamglass Horizontal Flat Tempering Furnace
Glass Cutting Machine
Glass multi-purpose cutting table
Production equipment of sandwich glass
Production line of the empty glass in automatic
EVA-Glass Insulated Machine
BZSM- Glass Straight-line Double-Edging Machine
Chamfering machine
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The loading and unloading of it's time to withstand and is used in the glass curtain wall of the construction work and install mainlying and large-scale plate glass moves and varies the position . Its performance is reliable, and practical and convenient. It is 360kg-1080kg to suck the weight of the glass. This product has different types of machines, can meet the customer's difference's needs .


Total capacity : 470W
Power source:220V
Time for keep pressure if power failures : >20min
Vacuum pressure : -0.05~~-0.08Mpa
External dimensions : 1900*760*550mm

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