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BPM-Glass Straight-line Edging Machine
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BPI-Glass Inner and Outer circles Edging Mchine
BPM-Glass straight-line many chamfers edging machine
BPQ-Glass straight line round edge and duck-mouth edge machine
BZSQ-Glass Straight-line Double-Edging Machine
BPJ-Glass Straight-line Wave Beveling Machine
BPO-Glass Drilling Machine
TBR-Glass Bending Furnace
SPJ-Automatic Glass Sanding Machine
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SPT-Automatic Glass Loading table
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The new-type glass sanding machine is developed by our technicians according to foreign similar products and glass-processing market quotation.It’s woking in big area with high speed and precision .It hits the granulated substance processing automatic with the way of striking the granulated substance, achieves the goal of energy conservation environmental protection. The transportation tape speed picks the stepless speed regulation control, the input speed can be ajusted matching the dust catcher, but achieves dustlessness environment basically.There are two type of chain link transportation and leather belt transportation .The max glass processing width should be ordered by the customer.

1. This sanding belt machine picks strikes the granulated substance way design, hits the granulated substance processing automatically, exempts the air compressor equipment, the energy conservation environmental protection.
2. Leaves the granulated substance quantity to be possible the trimming, the processing surface to be even, the uniform speed processing effect is good.
3. Conveyor belt practical reliable, the speed picks the stepless speed regulation control, the approaching speed may the trimming.
4. It’s suitable for big plane glass, ?also simultaneously process many small glass, the acrylic fabric board hits the granulated substance automatically.
5. It is matching designs specially the dust remover(as the picture shows), the effect is remarkable, but achieves dustlessness environment basically.
6. By the nimble design, the concrete size (processed glass extreme breadth) can be ordered by the customer requested.
Major technique parameter:
1.Complete machine size: 3500 long ×2500 wide ×1900 high(mm)
2. Maximum working width: 1600mm(It can be ordered.)
3. output square/h: 41M2
4. throws the sand cutting tool: 8 hit granulated substance knife
5. duster: Power 0.55KW (may choose 2.2KW), arranges amount of wind 25M3/min?
6. processing speed: 0.3~1M/min ,adjustable, uses stepless speed regulation
7. power source: Three 380V exchanges, the total output is 4KW

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